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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Game Over

To fill you in, he text me on Sunday a few hours before the date and said:-

"Is there any chance I can see you tomorrow? I have things to do and the weather is really bad"

Bad weather? "Stuff"? I'm not rearranging my schedule for some unsubstantiated 'stuff'. I've been waiting all fucking week for 'stuff'.

I replied "Put off by some bad weather? It's a shame. If you saw the potential I did, you wouldn't have cancelled. A real shame"

I was willing to leave it at that. Then my phone beeped...

"Mate", it said, making me instantly want to punch him. I picked the wrong week to quit smoking, "I have shit (I mean what does this 'shit' and 'stuff' mean? Is he smoking crack?) to do. Plus it's raining (Yeah, it's raining... Didn't we establish this before?)

"I didn't mean to make you pissy, I'm just being honest," I said trying to stay calm, "This just reeks of 'I can't be bothered, and if you're like this now, what am I to expect in future?"

I thought it was perfectly reasonable.

"Woah, you need to clam down," he said. Oh, here we go.... Playing the psychobitch card because you got rejected? "I was going to rearrange but now I don't think I'll bother"

What? Hello? Did I not just make it perfectly clear in my last two texts that I wasn't interested in seeing some loser who cancels because his hair might get wet? He's the kind of person that says "You can't fire me because I quit" right after their boss has handed them the pink slip.

"Look, I've just been honest. I'm not mad at you at all. I hope we can be civil when we next see each other," I said, trying frantically to say "For fuck's sake, I don't give a shit. You blew it, mister!"

He asked me to post him back his cufflinks. I'm thinking of sending an umbrella along with them and a note saying "Just in case next time you arrange to meet someone and rains, you'll be well prepared..."

I'm evil. I know.

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Anonymous Stephen said...

HELP! I want to make comments and it [the PC] doesn't seem to want to let me! Why!

8:26 AM

Anonymous Stephen said...

Cool. It [the PC] let me. Now I feel like a tw*t but at least I can make a comment - which is good.

I say send the f*cker an umbrella and keep the cuffs. That'll learn him.

8:27 AM

Blogger Astariel said...

Hahaha! I still haven't sent him the cufflinks, but I am wearing them to a black tie event on Saturday.

I have to ask, do I know you? I know about 10 Stephens, all spelled with the 'ph' spelling and I'm wondering if you're one of them.

I kind of leave this blog to be stumbled on and I haven't told anyone about it

4:25 PM


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