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Sunday, September 16, 2007

French Fancy? I'll Have Mine Iced With Jealousy, Please

I think we've discussed the fact that I believe in relationship karma; everything that you do in relationships will come back to you eventually. As it happens, I'm next in line for a bit of heartbreak.

Anyway, I went to the pub with a friend of mine and who should pass me on the stairs but some very hot French bloke I had a one night stand with. I remember at the time he had just split up with his boyfriend. So who else should be accompanying him but the very same ex-boyfriend. Who, it turns out, knows exactly who I am.

So, he came over to speak to me. Cue suspicious looks from ex. French guy continues to stare and smile at me. I, of course, continue to smile at him because I am evil personnified. Ex gets more and more wound up until he eventually explodes at French guy. I sit back and chat to friend knowing I have caused devastation on the other table.

I go outside to speak to the French guy while he smokes a cigarette. Ex follows and looks at me in disgust. I have to stop myself from laughing.

I've still got it :p

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