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Thursday, January 10, 2008

They say that lightning never strikes twice...

So today everythign was confirmed; we were to meet in Soho at 6pm. And then a couple of hours before the action was due to commence I receive a text;

"Hey... I'm tired and it's raining really hard. Do you mind if we make it tomorrow?"

Raining?! AGAIN?!??! Are homosexuals made of sugar or something? You can imagine how I felt; two guys I liked within the space of 6 months had used exactly the same excuse, except this time I decided to take a moment. I decided to confront him, and I rang him. I wanted to find out if he really thought it was worth it.

Within 10 seconds I was laughing. Then I told him the story of the guy I met at the wedding, trying to regain some control and resoluteness.

"Aww... I feel bad now"

"You'll make me feel bad for saying that," I said, then laughed, "No, no... You *should* feel guilty"

"Well, you should be happy you did. Not many people can"

And so I'm meeting him tomorrow.

I fear I'm losing my edge.

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