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Friday, October 02, 2009

With friends like these....

Have you ever suddenly become aware of friends ignoring you?

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into one of my favourite bars in London to meet a friend of mine and as I was at the bar, someone tapped me on the shoulder. As I turned round, there sat were a big group of these supposed 'friends' all sitting together, chatting... Except I had no idea they'd arranged to meet and I certainly hadn't been invited. Yes- they did invite me to sit with them for the remainder of the evening, but that seed was sown, and has so continued.

They seem to tag each other in facebook notes with my name strangely missing, I've had no texts, e-mails or drinks invites from these people in months... And none from one individual who used to text me almost every weekend.

I'm no fool, and I know that friends like these are really no kind of friends at all. But it doesn't stop you thinking what the hell you did to be pushed outside of this exclusive circle. I'm sad to think that people I have trusted, bothered with or committed to are so flippant they can change their feelings about me in a second.

I really don't deserve this. I've decided God hates me.

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